Friday, October 29, 2010


After so long I never blog, today I decided to spill out words from my heart. Lately I never have the time to blog due to continuous busy-ness from doing assignments to preparation of tutorials questions as a group and also part of my social life (yoga mostly).

As for today's topic, I have a few doubts in my head that I could not answer it myself. Maybe a third party's point of view will be handful? (An incident took place just now...)
Usually we will gather in groups for discussion for one of our courses, Corporate Governance. Since we had done our part completely and nothing to do, we utilised that time for other courses discussion to fully utilise our time. I'm a bit over concerned about one of our FULL-coursework course, Case Studies. Since we will be assess based on course work ONLY I pointed out my point of view and penalised other group's mistake so that we will be more cautious and score the max.

As the discussion goes by, I suggested to my team members that she got to improve her's part as I think there's a room for improvement. Out of no where, she became so defensive saying to me, "there is no right or wrong answer...all we need to do is to present it well in front of the lecturer."
Well, I got to agree on that statement but my point wasn't on the right or wrong answer. I was just suggesting to improve on that part as I personally feel that it is a bit messy and the explanation was not that clear and straight to the point. So, I did tried to say that but I wasn't given the chance as she kept repeating on saying that "there is no right or wrong answer...all we need to do is to present it well in front of the lecturer."
That repetitive really get on my nerves seriously! I was just being kind to highlight what other group has done wrong and so that we will never repeat that SILLY mistake (I feel that those mistake should not be made!)
After trying so hard to explain myself, she added on saying that "Our lecturer didn't listen to us them (point to the previous group) and he was asleep at that time." I did said that I want an interactive presentation. Based on what I saw on the previous group, they are just communication among themselves and the slides or notes. That is definitely not the presentation method should be adopted!

*Sigh* The discussion wasn't fruitful but at least we have some ideas on what to do, at least? I really dont understand that:
1) Is is wrong to tell some one to IMPROVE on own parts?
2) Why people turns defensive when people tells you to IMPROVE?

Now, I'm really wondering WHY? At times it's so bad to have more than ONE Opinion Leader in a group because both of them always want to be heard and give their opinion. I just got to tolerate at times but I'll still be firm on my stands!
However, this is the best group that I have ever met since way back my diploma's life until recently. They are proactive and we are working as a team which I value it a lot.

***p/s: This isn't a complain but need to express out myself...=)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


What is mean by "Materialistic" as an individual??
Materialistic is looked as "Materialism" in dictionary and the meaning for it that adopted from Cambridge Dictionary states that "the belief that having money and possessions is the most important thing in life".

Recently, I was given a feedback telling me that I'm "Materialistic". It was said based on those comments I made in Facebook. So, I'm wondering by stating a few comments saying "if i have this thing, i would have a better outcome - (one of the statement I know only)" is called materialistic??
Materialistic is a very subjective "word" because different people have different perception. I shall not further explain because I just dont have to please everyone or even change people's perception; human's right and freedom.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A reveal on McDonald?

Nonsense Ads!

Facebook has become part of everyone's life (mainly for fb-er) and I guess people tends to abuse and take things for granted.
Lately, there are too much of nonsenses going on and keep on happening in Facebook. There is one that I found quite irritating about which is "The Reveal on McDonald". I'm not in a situation of defending McDonald or what's not but this is SOLELY MY POINT OF VIEW.

Based on the video about McDonald's FRIES that had been showed widely via internet, how true and accurate is it? Did anyone else tried the experiment? For I, myself, yet to try out and should I do it? (maybe some day I will). For those who haven't seen that Video, please go to Youtube or just click on HERE. However, this wasn't my consent as it was an interesting fact... What is happening NOW in Facebook, there's this nonsense that I actually tried out myself to check whether it was a spam or try to carry message to the society.

Unfortunately, it turns out to be a SPAM more than anything else! From my point of view, they must be paid by some "people" to defame McDonald. From what I've learned in my business studies, when there are NEGATIVE news/rumours, it will affect one company's business. Whoever is/are doing that is trying to "gain" something, I presume? News and rumours spread through word of mouth or worse still, through internet spread very fast like VIRUS?

For some reason, I just don't believe what's happening on Facebook now!! For one fact that most of us know about McDonald food, it is OILY! A lot of case being reported for those who EAT McDonald frequently will be heart disease, diabetes, high-blood pressure and obesity. So you still can eat McDonald but NOT FREQUENTLY!

As for that, Ladies and Gentlemen, please stop the crap in Facebook as I found it irritating and not ethical in doing those things!

p/s: While I type this article, there was a point that hits my mind on why the fries didn't break down or grow fungus. I'm not sure how true my theory will be. And again, this is just my point of view only. I guess, the fries did not break down was due to the "oil" content that coated the whole fries that leave no moisture on the fries.
For moss/fungus to grow, the substance must be moist in order for them to grow. - Is this statement fair enough? Let the scientist to find out! =D

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yoga Retreat (1 Day)

My 1st ever retreat in my life...
I still remember how much I wished for this event way back I started yoga - 3 years AGO! I viewed people's blog talking about the retreat and how much fun they had which made me so keen about it but never had the chance.
Actually there were a few retreat had been held in last year until beginning of this year. I couldn't make it due to most of the retreat held previously clashed with my EXAM...So unfortunately, I can't make it. Today was different because I HAVE MADE IT and I'm filled with satisfaction.

During this retreat, we did Arm Balance & Inversion (by JH Foo), Vinyasa (by Matthew Kemp) and Acro Yoga (by Foo). These 3 modules suite me because I need to improve my arm balances (i.e. Hand Stand). For all these while, I could not make it well because of the too-flexible-back that caused to get "BANANA (or C shaped)" and loose balance later on.
As for Vinyasa, I had been learning it way back in Penang when I was still with Celebrity Fitness, Janice used to conduct this. I quite like it personally because we have to move with our breath - just like dance. The difference within both of these will be - Vinyasa flow with our breath (one breath, one movement) and Dance (you got to dance with beats). If all the flow did well with our breath, it will look very smooth and nice just like a dance.
Acro the name suggest, it is an Acrobatic Yoga which collaborate acrobatics movement indulge with yoga poses. The poses for acro yoga is kind of DYNAMIC as it requires a lot of strength and balances, maybe a little of flexibility. Apart from that, we need 2 persons or maybe 3 persons (for beginner) to make it workable. The reason for us to have "3rd" person as he will be the supporter - to avoid injury. Acro yoga is one of the yoga that I'm a fan of since I came into it on youtube 2 years ago. There is a plus point for Acro Yoga as it require all of us to use a lot of muscles work. So it will be as good as doing weights.

Apart from the modules, the most importantly, it was held at Golden Palm Tree Resort. It was a great place as it is NEW and those hotels were built on the sea? Apart from that, they sponsored the venue for us to use. Overall, everything was just great and I did had lots of fun there...and now I'm kind of exhausted because of the EARLY wake up and all those flows and stuns.

For pictures, please check my Facebook as I'm still uploading it...=)

Certainly, I keen to look forward for more retreats/workshops provided I have the time!! After since I came to KL, my yoga life went revolution and I'm enjoying it very much...! I didn't regret to make an option to come here for studies...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tweet, Twit, Twitter....

It has been a while that I'm kinda reluctant to re-create 2nd Account for Twitter!!
Finally, yesterday I'm not sure what was up to me, but I've just created it!
So....yeah I do TWEET like a tweety bird?

At last I found "Twitter" quite-ok-lah...

Everyone...lets TWEET together to have some FUN!!!

p/s: I had forgotten my 1st account password and ID...and when I first joined that time, I dont have any FRIEND that use I JUST FORGET IT...=D

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Satay? one of the very common "snacks" and well known in Malaysia. As for that, the satays we found in anywhere in Malaysia would be similar (as in YELLOW meat roasted and eat with spiced(Curried) peanut gravy).

The normal satay would look like this...

So, what is so special about today's post?? Does this post has any relation to satay?

The answer will be YES, YES, YES!!!

A quite extraordinary satay in the taste and its appearance - totally different from what we used to have! (Trust me...) So, the new satay I was mentioning is an Indonesian Satay!!
Have anyone tasted it before?? I doubt that many has actually tasted it unless you've been to Indonesia.
This Indonesian Satay was introduced to my friend(E) and I by E's Indonesian friend(M) who came here to work "permanently" or for some time? She is a person that who hunts for food...and she is even better than some of the locals over here! =)
According to M, she said that this satay was one of the best she ever had and this is quite authentic as it was prepared by an Indonesian I guess? Apart from satay, I also tried "Mee Soto" which the soup tasted like some sup kambing and etc. Overall, not bad for the taste.
However, there is a bit turnoff. It is located in No. 191, Lorong Keramat 13, Dato Keramat. The location wise will be kinda kampung and the worse thing was we have to eat in people's house?
Yeah, in the house compound - not inside. Not many tables, overall, very classical area.

That should not be the point for not trying the satay because I doubt that you can get any better Indonesian Satay out there. Totally different concept from what we used to have, so it's worth a try!!

Here are some pictures to share;
Indonesian Satay

Ketupat (traditional)

Mee Soto

P/S: This is in KL....I'm sorry to create confusion as Penang do have Dato Kramat too...=)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Tomorrow I'll be leaving for Kuantan and only will be back on end of the month. The reason for me to be there is to attend a Meditation course (Vippasana). This course was inspired by my yoga teacher (Sifu), Jazamine. I herd from her and got to know this course from her too. After knowing it, I'm very keen to go because I can improve myself and also get my mind sharper? I hope so.

At there, we will not be allowed to have any kind of communication...not even talking to each other or eye contact except for asking a few question. Other than that, we should observe silence and meditate throughout the day for 10days.

I'm quite sure I can do it because I mentally prepared myself for more than half year already!! I hope I can....I can survive throughout the whole course...=)
I will try to write up the experience and whatever I've benefited from there once I come back...Hope it's a great one!